The change in the pit

Think of the word change for a minute. What does it mean to you?. Lately I have been trying to convince myself that change is better because I will become the person who I need to be in order for things to go right in my life. There has been so much going on in my life all at once that I have gotten confused about the difference between change and life. I have created this image on who I thought could “Handle life”. That comes the moment when we accept anything because ANYTHING sounds and looks good to us. If we were only in “Our right mind”, we wouldn’t be choosing the same things that we are choosing at that moment. We get so wrapped up in “What is ONLY okay” due to our wanting of change. That is where “Content-ness” should play a part of all of this. If only things would just be alright. If things would only go our way when we want it to. If only we met the perfect people. If only we knew the answers on why life happened the way it did, – Would things be better or worst. -Would we learn something or would everything be just too damn perfect for our empty souls. What the fuck does change mean anyway and why the fuck is the word “Content” not used often?!


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